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Luxury living with inground pools

Water features always give so much pleasure when added to a landscape. They can be relaxing, healthful or just simply fun for swimming, or they can be a calming, rejuvenating sight to take in.

The possibilities are limitless, with a myriad of designs for luxury pools and spas, fountains, ponds and moving water features.

We enjoy working with our clients to discover the features that best suit them, and how the element of water is best included into each landscape and home.

Considering the quiet elegance of a reflective pool or a vanishing, infinity edge pool? A seemingly endless supply of water is by far the pinnacle of luxury. Perhaps the contemporary feel of a water wall is more what you’re looking for. Their architectural nature can add needed dimension and movement to a space.

Shademaster’s knowledge of world class materials and the best in construction techniques ensures maximum value for your investment and enjoyment that will last a lifetime.

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