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Luxury living with custom outdoor fireplaces

Luxury living meets warmth and relaxation with an outdoor fireplace. It’s always a welcome place to gather, and the focal point of beautiful memories.

Our custom outdoor fireplaces can range from a rustic outback feel to having all the comforts of indoors, brought outdoors.

The outdoor room with fireplace hearth and mantle can be equipped with every luxury – furniture, lighting, audio/entertainment centres, and bar equipment. Fireplace mantles can be custom designed to your individual style, using stone or reclaimed barn beam for example.

The fire pit is the outdoor fireplace that truly connects people to the outdoors and the stars above. No need to feel too rustic, though, as pit areas can be as elaborate or simple in design as you need. Surrounding patios can make the fire pit the focal centre of the area, or off-side for a more private, intimate feel.

The fire feature gives your outdoor space a warm, attracting glow in an artistic, even sculptural way. Custom outdoor fireplaces like this can take on any form, any style. For a modern statement, picture an elemental line of fire set in the clean form of smooth concrete. Or for a unique and dramatic feel, a fire feature set above ground on a pillar or column.

The most ancient of offerings, fire still gives the warmest light - both in sight and feel.

Shademaster has the construction and design expertise to create the perfect custom outdoor fireplace for your home – and your singular style.

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