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Luxury living with Pool Houses & Cabanas

The outside world can seem a million miles away when you’re enjoying the beauty of your private paradise from the shade of your outdoor structure.

Open structures like cabanas and pool houses can bring a whole new level of luxury to your landscape.

The cabana brings all the luxuries of indoors – furniture, pillows and carpets, fridge and bar, even a washroom – but provides an open-air experience. And the time you’re able to savour your outdoor space is extended because there’s just the right amount of protection from the harsh sun, rain or wind.

Pool houses are much the same in benefits, but there is commonly more enclosure with full or partial walls and doors. The pool house can be customized into an elaborate and multi-functional outdoor room. Offering much more than storage, it can be equipped with a luxurious lounge area, bar equipment and seating, or a place to safely house your entertainment centre.

There’s really no more perfect backyard feature, both practical and inviting and offering the the best of both in - and outdoor worlds.

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